VRF Systems


A VRF Air Conditioning system brings clean quality conditioned air to office complexes or buildings. It’s mainly used in multi level buildings, hotels and hospitals. VRF means Variable Refrigerant Flow which regulates refrigerant flow according to the amount of people within the given space. The VRF Air Conditioning system is made up of one or many indoor units and the outdoor unit which provides consistent heated or cooled air by varying the refrigerant. The outdoor unit serves one or many indoor units. The most important component to a VRF system is the Digital Thermal Expansion Valve or DTE which senses refrigerant gas temperature within the circuit. Another important part is the compressor, which self regulates according to signals provided by the DTE valve. VRF Air Conditioning operates quietly and automatically adjusts the temperature according to the amount of people within the given space. It also delivers more consistent levels of comfort and independently adjusts the levels of comfort according to zone settings. And reduced electricity costs due to its reverse cycle heat recovery function